Welcome to The Clock Center

Ready for Restoration

Ready for Restoration

The Clock Center is Here to Serve You

Clocks are a part of our history and our Daily life.
They are reminders of the past, they are in our present, and they herald our future.

We understand your reverence for time by providing a wide selection of new clocks, antique clocks, expert repair, and restoration at The Clock Center.

Wall and Mantel Clocks in Classic Style with Westminster Chimes

Clocks that are to become family heirlooms give pleasure for years and years and to generation after generation.

We proudly display and demonstrate how each clock style operates.

Our contemporary collection contains both innovative and beautifully crafted timepieces.

We invite you to visit our showroom to see for yourself how delightful it would be to own a clock that is a work of art. (Click Here for a small glimpse of what you will see when you visit our showroom.)

Quality clocks that are cared for will perform for many generations and are a daily reminder of our ancestry.

Cuckoo and Novelty Clocks

Perfect Additions To the Family Room, Nursery or Office

Our large collection of Cuckoo Clocks will entertain and charm you. We offer traditional, antique and modern styles.

Beautifully Restored Antique Clocks

An Antique Clock almost always has a pedigree, and we know something about every clock that we have restored and now offer for sale.

Unique features, classic styles and quality movements along with rich wood finishes havebeen carefully restored to function like new.

Many more years of service have been added to our restored antique clocks. These clocks are almost timeless in their beauty and style.

We are certain that you will fund "just the clock" for your home and family at The Clock Center!

We Offer:

  • A family-owned business, sensitive to your needs!
  • A No-Charge Setup and Delivery on all large clocks!
  • A minimum, Two-Year Warranty on all sales and overhauls!

    (Exceptions will be noted)
  • Appraisals

We Feature:

  • National Brands
  • High Quality Small Companies
  • Custom-Built Clocks
  • Innovative Timepieces
  • And Other Related Items
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Welcome to The Clock Center

How about some height?

How about some height?

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